What we do

Kolu is a boutique solutions broker. We specialise in providing affordable business solutions services to small businesses, start-ups, and scale-ups. Services range from administrative support, business strategy to promotional events and everything in between. We work with our clients to develop and implement customized plans which will build the business’ identity and grow the client base. All services are customised to meet the needs of each individual client.

How we do it

Kolu includes a network of professionals who are all experts in their own fields. Led by Managing Consultant Alvie Balayo, we come together as required to create unique solutions for your business. This approach helps to minimise your costs and ensures you have access to leading experts at the top of their game.

How it started

Born in Canada, Alvie Balayo has worked in several different industries in Australia, Europe, and North America. She started Kolu in 2017 as a way of connecting expats and locals through social events.

While developing her business she assisted many of her partners and fellow entrepreneurs with solutions for their business. Word spread and Kolu quickly evolved into a boutique solutions broker serving clients from a wide range of sectors.

Based in Kortrijk (Belgium), Alvie speaks English and Dutch and work with clients in both Canada and Belgium.


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